What is NetDocuments OCR?



NetDocuments OCR is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and image compression technology delivered as a secured cloud-to-cloud service without requiring any on-premises software installed.

NetDocuments OCR is a background process that continually monitors files imported either manually by users or mass imported into the customer’s NetDocuments repository.

NetDocuments OCR converts imaged-based documents and image files such as TIFF into text-searchable documents so the built-in NetDocuments full-text searching capability can make the documents accessible to all appropriate users. The output of the file will be a compressed, searchable PDF added as the official version to the original copy. It will maintain the original modify date.

What technology is being used for NetDocuments OCR?

NetDocuments OCR is powered by ContentCrawler, a proven DocsCorp (www.docscorp.com) technology used by many law firms globally. NetDocuments OCR provides a unique and exclusive service to NetDocuments customers by delivering on its Cloud First, Cloud Only mantra. This aligns with the NetDocuments Trusted Cloud Platform Compute Fabric strategy encouraging the industry to migrate client and server technologies to the cloud and remove the burdens historically placed on the customer to maintain the installation and testing of software upgrades and compatibility challenges so often associated with legacy DM technologies.

What needs to be installed for the customer to use NetDocuments OCR?

There is no hardware or software installation required. The background process runs on the DocsCorp Cloud Platform, which is hosted on Microsoft Azure. It securely connects to the NetDocuments Cloud Platform. Read more on Azure compliance. This implementation is a strategic integration where both company developments teams worked together to offer an efficient service.

What OCR options are available?

There are two services that a customer can subscribe to and enable. In most cases, customers will need both services:

”Backlog/Bulk Upload” will OCR volumes of existing documents in the NetDocuments repository. The service will crawl through the entire repository and process the appropriate documents. This applies to new NetDocuments customers, existing NetDocuments customers who are just adding OCR to their existing repository, or a customer, due to a single event, increases its user count by 10% or more. A merger of a new firm would be such an example. This service has a minimum year commitment.

”Active Monitoring” is the main OCR service that automatically processes documents as they are added or imported into the NetDocuments repository either manually or in bulk.

What are the supported OCR features?

NetDocuments OCR provides the following features:

  • The OCR engine is Abbyy FineReader 11+.
  • Supports the following file formats: TIFF, JPG, PNG, PDF, and MSG.
  • Replaces image-based email attachments with compressed PDFs.
  • Intelligent OCR technology ensures document fidelity to original source.
  • OCR’ed documents are converted to text-searchable PDFs and compressed on average by 50% using standard JPEG, JPEG2000 and JBIG2 formats.
  • OCR’ed documents can be saved as a new version to the original document or replace existing.
  • Centralized administration dashboard for monitoring and reporting.
  • Multi-language recognition of over 180 languages, including Asian and Arabic character sets.
  • Error reporting for documents that are corrupt, PDFs with security passwords, and other issues. Administrators can view these documents for correction.

What is the price for NetDocuments OCR?

Please contact your NetDocuments sales executive for pricing and a simple sign up process.

Is NetDocuments OCR available through all sales channels including partners?

Yes. It is a standard NetDocuments add-in and will become available from the NetDocuments U.S. Vault data center in July 2018, and the UK and AU data centres within the following quarter.

How does an existing customer of ContentCrawler migrate to NetDocuments OCR?

Contact your DocsCorp sales representative to transition your license from DocsCorp to NetDocuments. They will coordinate with the NetDocuments personnel for a smooth transition.

Who do I contact for more information?

Please contact info@netdocuments.com or your NetDocuments sales executive for more information.

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