Why does ndMirror not match my Cabinet?

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  • Product: ndMirror


The number of documents in ndMirror does not match what I see in my cabinet through the web UI.


The used storage space on the ndMirror server does not match what I see in my cabinet through the web UI.


ndMirror can be set to download either all versions or only the official version of each document. In the web UI, all versions of a document are counted as a single document. 

When calculating total storage size, the cabinet will total all versions. If ndMirror is only downloading the official versions, it's storage total will include only the official version storage space. 

ndMirror can also be set to download only documents, not email messages. The cabinet's total storage space will include all content. 

The cabinet total is estimated 10 percent higher to account for lookup tables, metadata, user groups, and so forth, whereas ndMirror will only count documents and messages.

Documents may also be downloaded to ndMirror based on date, so documents older than a certain date are not downloaded to the ndMirror server.

Depending on how often ndMirror is synchronized, not all documents may be on the ndMirror server at the time the storage is calculated. Some new documents may have been added to the ND data center, while others may have been deleted.