What is a Primary Cabinet?


Each user can determine their own 'primary cabinet' or the default cabinet that is used in NetDocuments. 

This is the cabinet that is selected by default in your Quick Search bar and the Go to a Matter... button: 


It will also be selected and expanded by default in the Navigation Pane:


When uploading a new document, the Primary Cabinet will be selected by default (unless you start the Upload from within the context of another cabinet):


ndOffice 2.2+ will also use the user's Primary Cabinet. 

Assigning a Primary Cabinet

To set or change your Primary Cabinet, go to Settings > Account Information: 


For those users who have not set their own Primary Cabinet, the system will select one for them based on the following logic:

  • For users who have never logged in, the Primary Cabinet is assigned on their first login.
    • If the user has access to just one cabinet, that cabinet is assigned as the Primary Cabinet.
    • If the user has access to more than one cabinet, the first cabinet in the list is assigned. Cabinets are displayed in alphabetical order.
  • When a user's access to their Primary Cabinet is removed or if the Cabinet is deleted, they are assigned a new Primary Cabinet. The cabinet below the one that was deleted/where access was removed (the next one in the list), is the user's new Primary Cabinet.

NOTE: It is currently not possible with the API or other tools for an administrator to assign a Primary Cabinet for another user. Each user must set their own Primary Cabinet if they wish to use one other than the system default.