ndOffice Offline Mode and Internet Connectivity


When you face internet connection problems, you can work locally on your documents using ndOffice to ensure maintaining a smooth and reliable experience without possible data loss.

When working in the offline mode, in the Activity Center, the active files are shown, while inactive files are unavailable as they are no longer in the Echo folder (based on the specified retention settings).

If you want to open, save or attach a document, but the connection to NetDocuments is temporarily unavailable, the notification message appears notifying you about the possibility to upload the offline edits once the connection is restored. If the Internet connection is lost, the inline error message appears in the navigation tree of the ndOffice dialog boxes.

You can either try to reconnect or switch to the offline mode to work locally.

If the Internet connection is lost when you try to save the document, ndOffice automatically saves the most recent document to the Echo folder and will upload it to NetDocuments when the Internet connection is restored.

Users can change the Echo folder to any existing path on their computer, however, it is highly recommended to use the default settings.

It is also highly recommended to have echoing enabled. To enable echoing, you need to:

  1. Log in to NetDocuments, click Settings, and then click Workstation Settings.
  2. In the Echoing dialog box, the user needs to select the Enable echoing on this workstation check box, and then click OK.

The easiest way to access the Echo folder is to open the Activity List, click drop-down menu, and then click View Echo folder.


You can change the Echo folder path to any existing path on their computer. For more information about the Echo folder and its Backup, Attachments, and Comparisons subfolders, see ndOffice Echo Folder.

When the Internet connection is restored, the edited backup copy will be automatically checked in. With 2.2 release, you are able to open documents from the Activity Center. Refer to the ndOffice Notifications Registry Settings, to learn more about specifying the notifications by setting the corresponding values in the registry.