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The navigation pane on the left side displays locations and containers in NetDocuments, whereas the pane on the right side displays the workspace and folder contents as well as search results.


The size of these panes can be adjusted by moving the handle left or right. Additionally, you can adjust the Search text box by moving the handle. Additionally, you can adjust the search box.

Display Views

Select how you want to view items in the right pane. You can also select how to display the items in the right pane:

  • Large Icons
  • Small Icons
  • Details

In the Details view, you can adjust the width of columns in the right pane by moving the column heading left or right.

When viewing a workspace, you can switch between:

  • Summary View – View workspace folders, filters, or saved searches. Summary View works faster as compared to List View.
  • List View – View the list of documents in the workspace.

Customized sizing of a dialog box remains the same during the current session.

You can click the column header in the dialog box to sort the results based on the selected column. Sorting columns remain the size set during the current session.

In the Details view, slide column heading to the left or right to adjust the columns in the right-hand pane.

Adding Folders

You can add a new folder as you save a document by clicking Add Folder.

Adding Workspaces

When saving documents or email messages, you can add a workspace to their Favorites list:


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