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NetDocuments is enhancing your working experience with ndOffice 2.2 release, which is available in May 2018. 

ndOffice 2.2 is available with the auto-update notification by May 17th.

What's New in ndOffice 2.2 Update

 Making the Most of the Activity Center


With the ndOffice 2.2 release, now pin and unpin the Activity Center, drag it anywhere on the screen, and resize it.

In the ndOpen or ndSave dialog boxes or the Activity Center, upon right-clicking the document, the following three new options appear:

  • Copy ID – Сopy the document ID to the clipboard for a document to share it with another user or paste it into search.
  • Email link – Select to add the document link to an email.
  • Email copy – Select to add the document copy to an email.

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Easily Finding the Location Path

With 2.2 release, click Recent Locations in the navigation tree to view the location path to find the container you open and where you upload your file.

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Setting Up your Notification Preferences

Select how you want notifications to appear during the following stages in the opening and saving documents.

  • Check out – Displays a notification when you download a document (selected by default).
  • Upload start – Displays a notification when you start to upload a document.
  • Upload in progress – Displays the progress bar when you upload a document. This check box is unavailable if the Upload start check box is not selected.
  • Successful upload – Displays a notification if the document upload is successful (Selected by default). 
  • Check-in – Displays a notification when you upload the document (selected by default).


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Using Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)

With 2.2 release, insert, edit, and save OLE objects between WEPP products. The destination document has OLE support, which you can store on NetDocuments Web App. However, a local source document must exist.

Experiencing the Improved Offline Mode

When working in the offline mode, in the Activity Center, the active files are shown, while inactive files are unavailable as they are no longer in the Echo folder (based on the specified retention settings).

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Using the Improved Intuitive Search

With ndOffice 2.2, the workspace selector is now consistent with the NetDocuments Web App where you can enter the search criterion from inside the string and when the string begins with (support ‘contains’ searches).

Enter up to 50 symbols when searching lookup values even if the cabinet is set to use less than 50 characters, which does not slow down the search.

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Other Usability and Performance Enhancements

The ndOffice 2.2 update includes the following enhancements:

  • Support for multi-value profile attribute fields.
  • Select Clear Profile link to clear out profile fields (works only for non-grayed out attributes).
  • When you open an email from the local Echo Location, ndOffice records a History Event.
  • The Local Save As option no longer prompts you when saving a PDF with the same name.
  • Logs appear for a document in read-only mode.
  • When opening workspaces, ndOffice no longer filters out closed values.
  • Parity with NetDocuments Web App insertion of links - the Go To link.
  • View saved read receipts in ndOffice.
  • Work with multiple Exchange accounts and with delegated folders.
  • Dedup no longer lets a subsequent filer change the filter or other metadata and security. Instead, if you want to change these, a link is provided to change them using the ND Web App. Duplicates are now skipped silently after adding to the subsequent filers ND location path in Exchange.
  • Support for the new 17.2 option profile attributes.
  • Support for custom self-provisioning for use with third parties for access control, like the feature in 17.2, which lets you set up your own self-service provisioning for any users who do not have limited access to some filing locations.
  • Support for a new registry setting: StoreRefreshToken, which you can set to True/False.
  • When policy disables the add-in, now a notification tooltip appears. Select the Enable button to enable the policy.
  • Supports the Primary cabinet.
  • ndOffice and the ndOffice Activity Center launch quicker.
  • Improved and sped up database connection methodology and performance.
  • ndOffice dialog boxes now load independent of security and profile templates, the dialog box is loaded without having to wait for the fetching of this data.
  • Improved email memory management.

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Fixed Issues

NetDocuments understands how any bug or issue can hinder your daily activities, which is why we are trying to continuously keep pace with the new technologies and introduce necessary enhancements to ensure our product is more reliable and intuitive. Below is the list of the major issues fixed with ndOffice 2.2 release.

  • Fixed an issue where the ND Location column did not appear when performed on a machine which had elements of 2013/2016 in addition to 2010 Office.
  • Fixed an issue where upon forwarding a message with Send and File turned on, it did not bring up the dialog box.
  • When the user has a unique font other Calibri in the message body, ndOffice no longer changes the font to Times Roman upon inserting links.
  • Fixed a problem where Excel dialog boxes were opening behind other windows.
  • Fixed an issue where after opening and closing several Excel or Adobe documents on different tabs at once, left the statuses in the Activity Center incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where profile values which are children of another value or are defaulting from another value appear as red, indicating they are incorrect, even though they are correct.
  • Fixed an issue where different suggested locations appear in Outlook with various display names and appearance (when the email name is the same).
  • Fixed an issue where another value was automatically applied in a workspace-based attribute field if the initial value was deleted/closed on the NetDocuNetDocuments Web App, and there is a value with an identical key/beginning of key/description in Lookup.
  • Fixed an issue where the user cannot save because the profile templates drop-down is now not available if the user cannot save there, and an exception does not appear if the user chooses to apply the previous profile in such cases.
  • Document title in Adobe now correctly shows characters other than Latin.
  • Fixed exception when downloading large PDFs.
  • Prevent saving emails with the wrong name when you work too quickly for the ribbon in Outlook.
  • Improved performance of the ribbon group for ndSave.
  • Prevent ndOffice from crashing while trace log is on for very large documents.
  • Fixed transparent png issues associated with PDF/a when converting to PDFs in the Attach dialog box.
  • When you leave documents in a not checked-in state and you also:
    • Close the associated the Office application, nfOffice silently checks the document back in and removes the Open status in NetDocuments.
    • If the associated Office application is open, use new registry settings to determine when to show a dialog box where the user can check the documents back in, or reopen them so they can be properly closed.
  • The file type DOCM is not changed when opened from the local machine upon saving to NetDocuments Web App.
  • The Send and File dialog box does not appear when you send a meeting. Now it works with all folders other than just the Sent folder for Send and File.
  • Echoing Client Journal now only reports a check-in when a REST call succeeds; otherwise, it shows opened and closed.
  • Fixed an issue with a disabled ribbon that happens when an email has many recipients.

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New Registry Information in ndOffice 2.2

  1. Notification true/false
    • CheckOutNotification
    • UploadStartNotification
    • UploadInProgressNotification
    • UploadSuccessfulNotification
    • CheckInNotification
  2. Refresh token true/false
    • StoreRefreshToken
  3. Check-in
    • OpenedDocumentsCheckInThreshold – Determines the length of time for an open document before silent check-in. Default - 30 days; minimum - 2 days; value is an integer from 2-30
    • OpenedDocumentsWarningThreshold – Determines the length of time to access a document before showing a warning. Default - 1 day; minimum - 1 day; Must be less than penedDocumentsCheckInThreshold. An integer from 1-29.
    • OpenedDocumentsCheckInterval – Determines how often to perform a regular check. Default - 60 minutes; minimum - 15 minutes; Must be less than OpenedDocumentsWarningThreshold. An integer from 15-60.
  4. Backup Retention
    • BackupRetention – Handles retention period for backup folder – a number of days (minimum 5).
  5. Official Version Warning
    • WarnIfNotOfficialVersion true/false – Warns the user if he opens unofficial version (added to 2.1).
  6. Check for Disabled Addin
    • CheckDisabledAddin true/false – Shows disabled add-ins. 

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