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NetDocuments 18.1 release date changes to 19 April, 2018 - All Datacenters

Thank you for being part of our growing customer base.  As you know, we have been working diligently on our 18.1 release, which had been planned for April 5, 2018.  Our goal with the NetDocuments platform continues to be ubiquitous access, security, and reliability.

During our final testing of 18.1 we encountered a performance issue within certain environments.  To provide time for further investigation of the issue, we are going to push the delivery of 18.1 by two weeks to Thursday, 19 April 2018. Dates are subject to change based upon acceptable release criteria. 

During these couple of weeks, we will continue providing access to the 18.1 beta.  Please feel free to share access to the Service with some of your users.  We appreciate and request your feedback. 

NetDocuments has an unwavering commitment to our clients, and we feel the additional time to further review the release is necessary to uphold our standards of excellence. 

Thank you

NetDocuments Support

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