Using Nuance Power PDF with ndOffice


As one alternative to Adobe Acrobat, users may opt to use Nuance Power PDF.

Nuance has built their own ndOffice integration that allows ndOffice to recognize Nuance and handle the automatic check out/in of PDF's.

To enable the Power PDF integration:

1. Locate Power PDF in the Windows "Apps & Features" list. Click Modify.nuance_Modify.png

2. From the custom Setup screen Click the "+" to expand the Connectors drop down.


3. Choose NetDocuments from the list and click the drive icon to the left. Choose the appropriate option to Install the feature. Click Next and allow Nuance to complete the install.


Note: Nuance will also need to be designated as the default PDF program in windows.

Compatibility: The ndOffice integration may only be compatible with the Advanced version of Power PDF. Standard versions likely will not work.

For any technical problems with the Nuance Power PDF Connector Contact Nuance support.