Disabling ndOffice features in Outlook to use EMS Profiler



ndOffice 2.0 includes additional email filing capabilities that overlap with EMS Profiler (and EM as well), but it is not feature-complete with EMS Profiler.

When ndOffice 2.1 is available users may decide to remove EMS Profiler. A replacement for EMS Folders will eventually also be made available. 

ndOffice 2.0 does not include the following EMS Profiler features:

  • The ability to edit the subject line before filing
  • A simple profiling method that doesn’t require the entire dialog to open
  • The ability to remove the email from the inbox

Because there is functional cross-over between EMS Profiler and ndOffice we’ve introduced a registry setting called ShowExtOutlookFeatures with a data value of False to turn off the EMS-competing features in ndOffice such as Send & File, Suggested Filing Locations, and the ND LOCATION column.

By default ShowExtOutlookFeatures is set to True, and doesn’t show in the registry. This string value can be added in the following locations in HKCU or its mirror in HKLM:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NetVoyage\NetDocuments HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\NetVoyage\NetDocuments

A value of False will suppress the following features in Outlook:

  1. The ND Send group (contains Send & File)
  2. The Suggested Locations and Private Access button on the ND Save group. ND Save will still be there and Suggested Locations will still be in the dialog.
  3. ND COLUMN – if this value was already displayed from an earlier version you’ll have to remove it manually and it won’t come back.

Additionally, when deploying the above value as False we strongly suggest you also set a string value of PromptFileEmails to False in the same HKCU or HKLM location.

Refer to our Software Installation Guide for more information about registry keys.

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