Managing ndSync



Administrators can access the ndSync Policies and Device Management page from the Repository Administration page. This page is used to manage not only synced devices, but iOS devices as well. 

As an Administrator, you can decide what happens to a user's synced documents when he/she is removed from the repository:

You must enable ndSync here in order for users to sync the repository's content using ndSync. By default, this is set to "not allow ndSync". 


You can also choose to allow access through the iOS app:


You will be able to see all the devices that have ndSync installed, as well as devices that have the iOS app installed:


The Administrator can choose to be notified by email when a user connects a new device with ndSync. The Administrator will receive an email with the following information:

A new device was registered for use with ndSync by <user name>. 

Device information:

    Name: <name of device>

    Device Type: <operating system>

    Software Version: x.xx.x

Administrators can manage user's access to these devices:

Suspend - this will suspend the device from being sync'd. It can be resumed again at any time.

Remove - this will suspend the device from being sync'd, and remove the device from the list.


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