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NetDocuments offers an additional variant of its iOS mobile app that can be used with any Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) vendor’s management platform that supports the AppConfig standards, such as VMWare AirWatch, MobileIron and IBM Maas360.  

This version of the iOS app is available as of 18 July 2017. Get it on the iTunes app store.

What is AppConfig?

Historically, when a mobile app developer needed to create a version of its app to support a specific EMM platform, the developer needed to use the EMM vendor's proprietary SDK, which required the creation of a custom version of the mobile app for each EMM vendor, in addition to the need to test and maintain each version of the app separately (plus the need to maintain separate AppStore listings), even though each EMM version of the mobile app provided essentially the same features and restrictions. 

The AppConfig Community was created to allow a mobile app developer to offer a single EMM version of its mobile app, using agreed-upon standards, that any EMM vendor could choose to support. Because the AppConfig standard has gained traction with leading EMM vendors, NetDocuments has determined to offer a version of its iOS app that supports AppConfig.  NetDocuments also has joined the AppConfig community.

How it Works

To restrict a repository to use only the EMM version of the app, the firm must configure device settings so that only the EMM version of the app can connect to their repository. Learn More.


Any EMM platform that supports AppConfig can manage every AppConfig mobile app in specifically defined ways, like deployment and tunneling. In addition, each mobile app vendor can choose to add other restrictions that are specific to its mobile app, which restrictions can be configured from the EMM platform.  

Below are the settings that are applicable to the EMM version of the NetDocuments iOS app:

Configuration Key






Restricts printing of documents





Controls the Open In feature


An array of bundle IDs. Learn how to find an app's bundle ID

This is a list of apps that can be used to open documents




0 - Restricts copying from documents and pasting to other apps

1 - Allows users to use copy/paste

2 - Restricts copy/paste to only work between apps that are managed by their provider's profile. 

Each EMM vendor has their own management console and method for configuring AppConfig apps. Some require an XML configuration file to be uploaded, whereas others may be able to pull this information from the AppConfig web site.

Click here to View a Sample XML Configuration file

Some customers have asked if they can push out a change to the Host for the desired Service (Vault, AU, EU, etc.) during deployment of the app. However, this setting is outside of the app itself, so NetDocuments cannot add a setting about this to the app itself. But, it's possible that an EMM platform can make iOS settings changes. The customer would have to verify that with their EMM vendor.  

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