Upgrading a Folder



Cabinet Administrators will see an additional option under Folder Options to "upgrade" a folder:

This option will convert the folder (not including subfolders) to the new folder architecture as outlined in our 16.2 Update Notes. This will provide two capabilities:

1) Search within a folder

2) Removes the 1000-document limit

Any new folders created after July 7 will automatically be based on the new architecture.

However, the search within a folder will not yet be available until all folders have been converted, at which point, NetDocuments will enable this capability for all customers. All folders will be converted some time in 2017. 

If administrators choose not to upgrade a folder, the folder will be automatically converted as NetDocuments completes the conversion process for all older format folders.

There will be no visual indicator that a folder has been converted, except that the cabinet administrator will no longer see the "upgrade" option for folders that have already been converted. 

Upgraded and newly created folders will still have a 500-subfolder limit. The only difference a user will see between an old and new/upgraded folder will be that more than 1000 documents can be added to the new and upgraded folders.

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