Upload to IP/Court Websites using ndOffice

  • OS: Windows
  • Browser: IE only
  • Office: N/A
  • Product: ndOffice

This feature allows users to upload a document to an IP or court site directly from the ndOffice Open dialog box. It is automatically included with ndOffice version 1.9.2+


ndOffice 1.9.2+ is required to use this feature. Learn more about ndOffice

Supported environments:

  • OS: Windows 7 x64 and Windows 10 x64
  • Browser: IE only - Latest version only

Not supported environments:

  • OS: Windows x86 (not tested)
  • Browsers: Firefox, Chrome 


Users must Download ndOffice to use the IP/Court filing feature.

To enable IP/Court filing, install the all-user version of ndOffice and click Advanced in the NetDocuments ndOffice Setup wizard. Administrators can also enable it using the command prompt.


Select the option to install the IP/Court Filing feature:



When installed, the Browse button for court websites will open the ndOffice Open dialog window where the user can select a document from NetDocuments. 

  1. Replaces local Open dialog box with ndOffice Open in supported browsers with the ability to upload ND documents to IP/Court websites. 
  2. Supports websites with the flash plugin.
  3. Embedded fonts for PDF (for .doc, .docx, .ppt, and .pptx extensions).
  4. Supports naming conventions.
  5. Show messages if the extension cannot be converted to PDF, or if a document is checked out.
  6. NetDocuments websites are excepted. The local Open dialog will display instead.
  7. Notify user to close browsers’ processes when installing/uninstalling IP Court Filing.
  8. Convert to PDF/A (for .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, and .pptx extensions).
  9. Save converted PDF as a new document version. 

The user's choices for Convert to PDF and Save exported document as a new version in the IP/Court filing dialog box will be remembered by ndOffice and can also be defined by a system administrator. 

When an uploaded document is saved as a new version, the text "Document version exported at <date and time>" will be inserted into the version description. 

Disabling IP/Court Filing

When you install ndOffice with IP/Court Filing turned on, we place the Reg_Sz value pair ProcessMonitor with a True value in

If you want only certain users to have this feature on a given machine (whether a shared PC or a Citrix system), after installing IP/Court Filing, you should delete this key from HKLM and place it instead in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\NetVoyage\NetDocuments as ProcessMonitor and a value of True for each user that wants it after the initial install and removal of the value in HKLM.

Note that when you are in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\NetVoyage\NetDocuments you can right-click to go to the machine override, and in the machine override of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NetVoyage\NetDocuments you can right-click to go to the user key.
The way it works is that the add-ins are installed on the machine, but ProcessMonitor set to True is required for this to work. By removing it from HKLM it won't work by default for users unless we find it in that user's HKCU.

Note you cannot just set HKLM to false, because this is the location for the override of what is in HKCU. So, delete it from HKLM, then add the key to the HKCU of any user that wants it.

 Items to be aware of:

  1. IP Court Filing will not work (ndOpen dialog will not appear) if ndOffice is not launched (if the Echo Client is not in the taskbar) and a browser is just opened. The user needs to launch ndOffice manually. After installing, the IP Court Filing will work without browsers’ restarting.
  2. Also if the user launched ndOffice, then launched the browser (our dlls will be injected into browser) and exited from ndOffice, IP Court Filing will work because ndOffice will be launched as soon as user clicks ‘Browse’ button.
  3. IP Court Filing does not work after silent installation if the installation was run as admin and browser without admin rights. Admin/user can add LAUNCH_APP=0 when installing it using the command line to prevent launching ndOffice under the administrative account, in this case, the user should run ndOffice and browser manually and IP filing will work because both processes will be executed under one user. 

    By default, ndOffice 1.9+ does not start itself after installation. Starting Word or another Office app will launch ndOffice or you can type ndOffice in the start menu and click on the icon. If ndOffice hasn’t started, opening the browser to do an IP court filing will not start it. You can override this new default behavior by using the startup option LAUNCH_APP=”1” to force it to start on install.

  4. IP Court Filing will not work if the user manually removes the ProcessMonitor key or changes its value in the registry (when installing/updating IP this key will be added with the True value). ProcessMonitor is a key which turns on process monitor in the ndOffice app if the user chooses an IP Court Filing feature in the installer. If you do not choose the IP Court Filing feature in the installer, ndOffice will not turn on process monitor (in order not to load CPU).
  5. If a user is on any IP website and changes the URL to any ND website, but does not apply it (it is just written in browser’s address bar, but page’s content is from the IP website), then the local dialog box will be shown. As soon as the user changes the URL back to the correct one, we will show the ndOpen dialog box.
  6. If there is no MS Office on PC, we will not covert documents to PDF. There will be an error message.
  7. Embedded fonts are supported in .doc, .docx, .ppt and .pptx. Excel extensions cannot have embedded fonts.