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NetDocuments Search Information

This article is being provided to give our customers information related to changes we have recently made in the Search infrastructure of NetDocuments and additional changes we will be making in the next several months.

First of all, to provide some background, we changed to a new interim searching platform for metadata a couple of years ago and that has worked very well. We will be updating this searching to the new ndSearch this year. Both the metadata and full-text searching will then be using the new ndSearch tools in all of the datacenters. This new searching infrastructure will provide a much more robust and reliable searching experience.

In anticipation of significant growth, we have been designing and developing a new Search architecture (ndSearch) over the past few years. The new architecture makes significant changes and improvements to both full-text (FT) and metadata (MD) searching, providing a much more robust environment.

We rolled out the full-text component of the new ndSearch toward the end of last year in the US datacenter. This rollout went very smoothly. We are currently beta testing the ndSearch full-text component in our EU datacenter also, with expected rollout in February.

While we designed and developed this new architecture over several years, the new environment has exposed several items that we are correcting. We have fixed many of these issues, and we are continuing to correct others as they are identified. We appreciate your patience as we make these changes as quickly as we can. In general, the new searching is working very well and is a big improvement over the previous search. The changes we are making are generally minor adjustments not impacting most users.

With our new ndSearch platform in place, we will continue upgrading search functionality over the next several months. Expected enhancements include a new Entity Extraction engine, enriched lemmatization (stemming), improved phrase and proximity searching, and other planned upgrades.

The successful implementation of the ndSearch full-text component allows us to move forward with the ndSearch metadata component. We plan to implement the new metadata search over the next few months, and expect to have it fully implemented in our US and EU datacenters by mid-2016.   It is currently being used in the Australian datacenter.

We appreciate your support as we strive to make this very large and important improvement to the Searching capabilities and options. We have laid a solid foundation for our ndSearch and will continue to make further advancements to ensure the NetDocuments Service is robust and scalable.

Thank you

The NetDocuments Team

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