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This key to field identifiers will allow you to streamline your advanced searches.

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Advanced Search Field Identifiers

Each Advanced Search field has a hidden identifier that can be used to search individual fields from the Simple Search box. The most common field identifiers are listed here:

Advanced Search Field Name   Field Identifier
Document Name Includes Words   3
ShareSpace Name Includes Words   4
Document Created Between (date)   5
Document Created By   6
Document Last Modified Between (date) / Email Sent Date   7
Document Last Modified By / Email Sent By   8
Document File Extension   11
Email To   17
Email Cc   18
Email From   19
Folder   20
Checked Out By   54
Checked Out Date   55
Checked Out   56
Email ID   250
Document ID or Number   999
Custom Profile Fields   XXXX
Example of Identifiers in a Simple Search   Syntax
Searches all documents created by John Doe that include manage in the document text but does not return Folders or Saved Searches. Note that the NOT operator is used before the identifier, not within the parenthesis.   =1( manage ) =6( John Doe ) NOT =11( ndfld, ndsq )