Understanding Search Criteria Syntax


Learn how NetDocuments DMS uses search criteria syntax to return results.

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Understanding Search Criteria Syntax

Each search that you perform has criteria in the form of a string. This string uses a particular kind of syntax or structure.

As an example, on the Advanced Search page, if you enter the following criteria:


The resulting search syntax in the search bar can be broken down as follows:


As you can see, this search is returning all items (except email messages, Saved Searches, and folders) that were created by James in the past 14 days, and that have Matthew as the Author.

Each field has an identifying number associated with it. Learn more about Field Identifiers

Note that the sample search string above contains one or more of the following:

  • field identifiers
  • the actual search criteria or values for each field
  • brackets { } indicating an exact search
  • Boolean search operators (NOT and OR)

By default, this search is searching for all file types except emails, saved searches, and folders (indicated by the NOT search operator).