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We are pleased to announce that we have implemented several changes to our Idea Bank and other community forums. 

These changes are designed to make it easier to submit feature requests and to post questions on our public customer forums. 

All Ideas or feature requests are now located under a single forum here: https://support.netdocuments.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/200255050-Idea-Bank. These Ideas are regularly reviewed by our product managers and serve as a means of collecting feedback on the NetDocuments Service and related software products. 

We encourage users to sign up for a Support Account, subscribe to the Idea Bank and other forums, and begin participating in the NetDocuments Community by posting ideas and commenting and voting on other users' Ideas. 

If you are already subscribed to the Idea Bank, you may have received a series of email notifications just prior to this announcement. We apologize for the inconvenience. The notifications were incidental to the transition. Going forward, you will only receive notifications when new ideas are added to the Idea Bank. 

Thank you,

The NetDocuments Team

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