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On April 4, 2016, ndOffice version will be released. Go to ndOffice to download the latest version and find more information such as system requirements.  

NOTE: The release date was originally posted as March 25. Due to a few issues that arose late in the beta testing period, the release has been postponed to April 4.

Users who have not disabled auto update in their settings will be prompted to install version 1.8 on April 4. 

New Features:

Below are the changes included in version 1.8: 

Activity Center

The Activity Center helps you keep track of all your activity in ndOffice. The Activity Center pops up from the Windows tray when you click the ndOffice icon: 

The Activity Center includes:

  • A prompt if you’re not logged in
  • Progress bar as document downloads or uploads
  • List of up to the last 100 documents you accessed via ndOffice
  • Multi-file type visibility (whereas inside ndOffice dialogs we filter by application file types)
  • Icons readily identify each type of document, including emails. 
  • Documents are presented in collapsible groups by:
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Last Week
    • Older than Two Weeks
  • Status for documents that are:
    • Opened for editing
    • Checked in (with date / time)

Information Panel

Each document in the list also includes an Info button. This opens the new document information panel:

The Information panel includes:

  • Document ID
  • Version info
  • File type
  • Created by/date
  • Modified by/date
  • Ability to edit version description
  • Profile information (custom metadata)

Right-Click Menu

The Activity Center also includes a right-click menu for items in the list:

These options include:

  • Open
  • Open as read only
  • Open as new document
  • Open as new version
  • Print
  • Get Link
  • Version options

In the Open dialog, the right-click option now includes the following new functionality:

  • Open as New Document
  • Open as New Version
  • Open and Open as Read-Only
  • Get Link 

Right-Click to Save Attachment

The right-click menu for attachments now includes an option that allow users to save an attachment as a new document or as a new version of an existing document. 

Relocated Settings Menu

The settings menu has been moved to the top of the Activity Center. The settings menu also includes the ability to set the activity list from 10-100 documents.


ndOffice notifications have been replaced by Windows notifications (in Windows 7, these are bubbles; in Windows 10 these are square banners).

Using Windows notification settings, you can turn off the sound, banner, or the notification itself (go to Settings > System > Notifications & actions > ndOffice).

Color-Coded Fields

Profile fields are now color-coded:

Blue = Optional, Empty
Red = Required, Empty (required fields still have an asterisk beside them).
Green = Filled out

Support for 64-bit Office

We have done minor testing on 64-bit 2013 and 64-bit 2016 and found no problems. We did not and will not be testing 64-bit Office 2010. 

Adobe Integration

Additionally, this version includes the beginning of our work on our Adobe/PDF integration. This add-in is supported in Adobe versions XI and DC.

However, the default option in the installer is to NOT install the Adobe integration. Additionally, the option is currently only available when installing via the All Users install package using the Advanced install options. 

We did this because when ndOffice 1.8 is released, and until 16.2 is available, you will not be able to open PDFs directly from the web and have ndOffice handle them as with Office documents. Should you choose to install the Adobe functionality you can still use the Activity Center or the ndOffice open dialog available in Adobe Acrobat or Reader to take advantage of this. After 16.2, this functionality will include opening from the web. For now, opening PDFs from the web will use ActiveX, not ndOffice.

NOTE: When installing the Adobe integration, you will be asked to uninstall the legacy Adobe integration (if you had it installed). 

Other Changes

  • A "Go to workspace" button has been added to the Save and Open dialogs to allow users to open a workspace that is not already in their Recent or Favorites lists. 
  • Auto-update to future versions automatically performs a log
  • Improved security (SHA1 to SHA256)
  • The Get Link option (in contextual menus for items) now includes the Doc ID in the URL with the Open parameter set to Y. This means the document will open when the user clicks on the link, rather than just being taken to the Web UI.
  • Registry now has a file extensions list in order to sync with ndWeb handshake. This is to facilitate opening PDF documents via ndOffice from the web after the 16.2 Update.
  • Users can request a new oAuth session by clicking "refresh session"

Watch our ndOffice 1.8 feature preview video:

Planned Subsequent Update

For your planning purposes, the subsequent Update for ndOffice is planned for Fall 2016. We will inform you if this plan changes as we get closer to the date. We are providing this information to assist you as much as possible in your planning and administration of the NetDocuments Service for your organization.  

Support and Feedback

Comments, questions, suggestions, and problem reports are all welcome. Contact us at 1-866-NET-DOCS (638-3627) or support@netdocuments.com.

When reporting a problem, please provide:

  • Fully-detailed description of the problem, including the exact error message or screen shots 
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the issue
  • Error logs (if any)

We thank you for all of your input and feedback and we appreciate your using the NetDocuments Service.

The NetDocuments Team

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