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This page contains training videos for various components of the NetDocuments Service. We suggest you watch each video to learn about the specific functionality addressed. We suggest that you view the videos in 720p resolution for maximum clarity. After opening the video, use the option at the bottom right of the page to increase the resolution.

NOTE: To watch a video in full screen mode, after you click the link above, click the expansion icon at the bottom right of the video. To return to the small screen, click the minimize button in the bottom right or the Esc key. 


Getting Started (~11 min)

NetDocuments Overview for Law Firms (~2:30 min)

NetDocuments Overview for Financial Firms (~2:40 min)

Simple Search (~4 min)

Advanced Search (~20 min)

Introduction to the new Advanced Search Page (~6:30 min)

Search Refinement (~3 min)

Using Workspaces (~10 min)

EMS Folders

EMS Profiler


Secure Document Delivery

Defining your Display Format

Using Profile Templates


For Administrators

Adding and Removing Users and Groups

How to configure workspaces (~20 min)

Updating Your Lookup Tables (for Repository Administrators) (~8 min)

Editing a Lookup Table

Requesting a Consolidated Activity Log

Requesting a User Report

Mass Profile Change


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