Approve Document


Documents can be associated with an electronic approval. This means that when a person wants to designate their approval of the documents, they can go to Document Options and select the Approve option.

To approve a document:

  1. Select the document in List View to be approved.

  2. Under More Options, click Approve.

  3. Click OK.

The icon will be displayed in the document's Details Panel...

approve.png well as in any list view:


Only internal and external users with Edit rights can use the Approve option. Those with View-only rights cannot use this option.

NOTE: Approving a document records the user's name and the current date and time. Everyone with access to the document sees any approvals stamped on a document when they open it. Approving a document does not lock the document from editing by others in its current state. If the document is edited by you or anyone else after you or others approve it, all approvals will be rescinded automatically. However, approvals are permanently recorded in the History log.