Definition of Items in NetDocuments


There are many different types of items that you can have in your NetDocuments account and sometimes it can be a bit tough to keep track of them all. Here is a list of items that you may see within your NetDocuments account along with their icons. Knowing the names of these items can help when trying to search the Help menu or when interacting with our Support department.

See also our NetDocuments Organization reference guide.   

Icon Name
mceclip3.png Repository (think of this as your company's NetDocuments Account)
cabinet.png Cabinet (upper level containers that house your Workspaces, Folders, and documents)
workspace.png Workspace
mceclip2.png Folder
savedsearch.png Saved Search
filter.png Workspace Filter
mceclip4.png CollabSpace
sharespace.png ShareSpace
 gray.pngorange.png Favorites Star (click to add or remove an item from your Homepage)
mceclip5.png Switch to List View
mceclip7.png Switch to Summary View
mceclip6.png Expand filters in Summary View
word.png Microsoft Office Word Document
excel.png Microsoft Office Excel Document
powerpoint.png Microsoft Office PowerPoint Document
visio.png Microsoft Visio Document
pdf.png PDF Document
msg_attach.pngmsg.png Outlook Email Message
 WP.JPG Wordperfect document
url.png .URL or .HTM file
png.png Image file (.bmp .tif .jpg)
text.png Text file (also used for all other file types not listed above)
discussion.png NetDocuments Discussion
check_out_me.png Checked out to me
check_out_other.png Checked out to another user
ext_user.png X-man (indicates that an External User has access)
  Define Display Format (use this to change the different fields that are displayed in lists of documents)
gleam.png Gleam (looks like a small blue star or blue dot).  Indicates that the item is new or has new changes. More Information
 lit_hold_ws.png Workspace - Litigation Hold
workspace_sync.png Workspace - Synced Locally