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This article provides informational tips and tricks to help you use NetDocuments more effectively and provide information that you may not find or know otherwise. We have enabled the commenting and will continue that if it is useful.  Feel free to add suggestions of your own to the comments and we may add them to the article. We are always on the lookout for cool things our users are doing, because you are the ones who really make it hum. We will post new stuff with the most recent at the top so you can quickly check for new items.

2016-10-24 - If you want to use a keyboard shortcut to have the browser go back to the previous page, you can use Alt Left Arrow. In some cases when using NetDocuments, this feature is not fully functional.

2014-08-20 - Have you ever heard of the Cabinet Page? When the cabinet you are interested in is selected on the left navigation pane, you can click the title that says "Cabinet" and you will go to a page that looks very similar to your own Home page, however the items that are placed there are placed there by the Cabinet Admin only.  It can be used to organize links to documents and items used by the general population of the cabinet, such as forms documents, links to oft used web sites or programs.  It can also be used for customer-wide documents that you want to provide easy access to users such as phone lists, procedures, policies, travel information, legal references, etc.  By using the Cabinet page effectively, you can make these types of items available to the general user population without requiring each of them to put the links on their own home pages.  The Cabinet page can act as a simple Intranet for your users. 

2014-02-06 - Using the View in browser as a separate window. You can also use Ctrl + Click on the View in Browser option under More Options to open the Viewer in a separate window. This way, you will have the List View, the Details view, and the document Viewer open all at the same time. 


2014-02-06 - Traverse items quickly in a list. In a List View, you can highlight a document row, and then use the Ctrl + Arrow keys to move down a list of documents. 


2014-02-06 - Use the Workspace "Table of Contents" to access workspace items more quickly. You can expose a "table of contents" of a workspace by expanding the workspace in the left-hand navigation pane (below). You'll see pre-defined searches for Recently Added, Recently Edited, and My Email for that particular workspace. You will also see all the filters, folders, and Saved Searches on that workspace. 


2014-01-02 - Startup shortcuts when accessing NetDocuments. Have you ever wished you could startup NetDocuments on the Recent Docs page or some other page instead of the Home page.  That is easily done by going to the page you want to start with in NetDocuments and then saving the URL (web address) as a Favorite in the browser.  Then each time you startup NetDocuments, just click the Favorites link you saved and you will be logged in directly to the page you prefer.

- Simplified selection of groups of documents in a list view.  If you need to select multiple documents in a list view you can check the box for the first document you would like to mark and then hold the Shift key and click the last document you would like checked and all documents in between will also be checked. In a list view you can check the box for a document and while holding shift you can click the up or down arrow key to go up or down the list checking an additional document with each up or down arrow click.

2013-12-04 - Keyboard shortcuts for navigating list views. If you have a list view of documents displayed you can use the up or down arrows to scroll up or down the page. Additionally you can select a document and while holding the Ctrl key click the up or down arrows to scroll up ordown the list document by document.

2013-11-07 - Easily open a document in Read only mode. A quick way to open a document in read only mode is to hold the Control button down when you click to open the document.  Remember you will be in Read-Only mode, so don't expect to save any edits.

2013-11-01 - Drag documents from Windows into NetDocuments. With Internet Explorer 10 and 11 you can drag documents from your Windows environment to a folder or filter or workspace in NetDocuments. Just drag the document to the header of the folder, etc. and a drop zone will appear where you can drop it.  It also works with multiple documents at one time.  See this page for a video:

2013-11-01 - Save steps by using the Right click menu options. On any list view or summary page you can right click on the document name to access any of the options.  You can also customize this list of options yourself.  See this page for more info:

2013-11-01 - Try the desktop scanning. If you haven't tried the desktop scanner connector, give it a try.  It will work with any TWAIN compliant scanner or MFP.  Once connected, you can then click the New menu and scan documents directly to a NetDocuments folder, filter, etc.

2013- 11-01 - Accessing more Support Resources. There is a wealth of information available in the Support Resources which you can now access from the Help link on the Home page.  Give it a try the next time you have a question when using NetDocuments.

2013-11-01 - Sorting Home page alphabetical. Did you know you can click on any custom heading on the home page and it will sort it alphabetically?  You can also drag and drop items to re-order them.



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