Rollback (Restore) a Document


Cabinet Administrators have the ability to 'rollback' or restore a document to a previous backup date. 

Snapshots or backups are made once every 24 hours, usually overnight. Up to 30 snapshots or backup points will be available for each document. With each backup point representing one day of edits, and assuming a document is edited every day, there may be up to 30 days of available snapshots to rollback a document to. See the example below for more information. 

NOTE: Deleted documents cannot be rolled back. However, deleted documents can be undeleted by searching for them on the Advanced Search page. Purged documents can be rolled back, which will roll back all versions to the point when it was purged. 

To Rollback a Document:

1) Go to the Cabinet Administration page of the cabinet in which the document resides. You will see a link at the top that will take you to the Rollback page.


2) Enter the Doc ID of the document. This is a 12-digit number that will look something like this: 4810-4449-9463.


3) You will see a list of available backup points for each version with the last modified date/time.

If there are no snapshot points listed, then there are none available for that document. This could be because the document was created that same day and has not yet been backed up. 

NOTE: The number of available backup points is not recorded in calendar days, but in the number of days of snapshots for individual versions.

In the example below, the document was last modified on 3/27/18. Before that date, version 4 was last modified 3/23/18, and before that it was 3/22/18. If I wanted to restore the document back to how it was on 3/25/18, then I would select the option for 3/23/18. This is because the state the document was in on 3/23 is the same as it was on 3/25, before it was edited on 3/27.


4) Highlight the desired version's snapshot and click Rollback.

To ensure that you do not open a more current copy than the restored document you will need to make sure that Echoing is turned off. To turn off Echoing, go to Settings > Workstation Settings and un-check the box for Echoing. Once Echoing is turned off you can open the document, save it and check it in. You can then turn Echoing back on.