Repository and Cabinets


When you are using NetDocuments, you will have access to a Repository and its related Cabinets. The Repository is representative of your customer account (or firm account) so generally a NetDocuments customer has only one repository. It contains information about your account and associated users (your employees). The repository name shows in the Cabinet Selection menu with the associated cabinets. The repository is listed first, then followed by the related cabinets.

In the example below, the repository has three cabinets:


A cabinet is where all of the documents are stored. A document can be stored in only one cabinet. Documents are not normally moved from one cabinet to another although this is possible in a limited fashion.

The cabinet has access applied to it so that each workspace, folder, or document is assigned access rights by users and groups. Access rights can also be fine-tuned at the document or folder and workspace level.

When a cabinet is setup, it can be configured to utilize what are called workspaces (if your firm has a Professional Edition). If you are using workspaces in a cabinet, you will see a workspace selector on the left navigation pane.  

These types of cabinets contain customized attributes, setup by your Administrator, which can be associated with each document. These attributes are used for searching and categorizing documents based on values such as matters, clients, projects, etc. When using these attributes, users can have one single location to see all documents related to one matter, client, or project.

Smaller organizations might not use custom attributes or workspaces. They will organize all of their documents in a folder structure very similar to a Windows directory environment. Your Administrator will decide which method your organization is using.