Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner Integration



ndScanSnap is a plug-in for Fujitsu's ScanSnap Manager. Once installed, the user will see a new button in the ScanSnap Manager that allows direct uploading of scanned images to NetDocuments. This is designed for desktop scanning.

This plug-in is for all users of ScanSnap Manager who wish to upload their scans directly to NetDocuments.

NetDocuments also provides a desktop scanner connector that connects to any TWAIN scanning device. 

ndScanSnap can be downloaded from this link:


NOTE: The ndScanSnap integration is currently only supported in the 64bit version of Windows.   

Just download and run "ndScanSnap Setup.exe" and next time you scan a document, the NetDocuments application will be listed on the ScanSnap Manager Quick Menu: 



Once you click the NetDocuments icon, a web browser will be launched and you will be directed to a NetDocuments Import page: 


Here you can select the filing destination and your document will be imported.

Note that this integration leverages the ActiveX control, and you must have Internet Explorer set as your default browser.

You will also need to make sure you set your ScanSnap Manager to use the "Quick Menu" when scanning in order to be taken to the Quick Menu: 


 Alternatively, you can uncheck the option for the Quick Menu and then in your "Application" drop down you can select NetDocuments so that when you scan, it automatically takes you to NetDocuments rather than stopping at the ScanSnap Manager Quick Menu: 


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