NetDocuments Salesforce Integration


NetDocuments offers an integration with the Salesforce CRM system that allows you to have access to your documents in NetDocuments from within your Salesforce account. 

The integration consists of two main parts, a “Visualforce Page” and an “Add Account to ND” button to push data from SF to NetDocuments. The Visualforce page provides a “window” into your NetDocuments account from within SF. Visualforce pages can also be created for any object in your Salesforce account including custom objects. The Visualforce page will pull values from fields in Salesforce and use them to run a search in NetDocuments. 

For example, if you were using the Account object in Salesforce, you can create Visualforce page that will run a search in NetDocuments for a Folder or Workspace that has the same name as the Account in Salesforce that you are currently viewing. The “Add Account to ND” button will pull values from fields within Salesforce and add them to a Lookup table in NetDocuments for one of your custom profile attributes. 

Download our Salesforce Integration Setup Guide 

Single Sign-on

The integration also includes a single sign-on feature that allows a user to be automatically logged in to their NetDocuments account when they access NetDocuments through Salesforce. The first time a user accesses a Salesforce object with a NetDocuments Visualforce page displayed, they will see a NetDocuments login page. After they log in, they will be asked if they want to enable single sign-on:  


When they choose Yes, their NetDocuments user account will then be linked to their Salesforce user account. Each time after this when the user accesses the object with a Visualforce page displayed, they will be automatically logged in to their NetDocuments account. The single-sign-on can only be revoked by NetDocuments Support.