Desktop Email Integration


When you use the Email Link or Email Copy option within NetDocuments, by default it will open an HTML email form within NetDocuments that allows you to select users/groups from the Access list of the item to send the email to: 

We also have an option called "Desktop Email Integration" that allows you to send email using Microsoft Outlook rather than the built-in web form.

To enable this, go to Settings > Application Settings and check the box next to "Desktop Email Integration." 

Now when you use the Email Link or Email Copy options it will open a new message through your default mail client and you can use your own contacts, signatures, etc. 

For Administrators

A system administrator can enable the Desktop Email integration for all users by adding the following key to the registry:


This REG_SZ type string must be set to True to enable the integration, and False to disable it. 

To learn more, see our Software Installation Guide.