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NOTE: A new NetDocuments app for Android devices will be available Q2-2017.

Using NetDocuments with the Android FolderSync app provides syncing functionality with NetDocuments. 

A user can define any number of folder pairs (a folder pair is 1 folder on the Android phone/tablet and the corresponding NetDocuments folder).  It can be set to automatically sync these folders hourly, daily, or whatever, and you can also manually sync them at any time.  It also includes a WebDAV browser.

It includes the following functionality:

1. When in the NetDocuments web interface you can select documents that you want to be able to access from your Android phone or tablet and file them in one of your synchronized folders.  They then automatically show up on your mobile device.  You can edit them on the mobile device and the edits come back to NetDocuments.

2. You can create new documents on your mobile device and save them to one of your synchronized folders.  They then automatically appear in NetDocuments. 

3. Usually the documents you create via #2 are worked on a few times a day or over a series of a few days.  When you've finished working on them, just unfile them from the synchronized folder in NetDocuments.  They are then automatically removed from your mobile device.

4. When you're using one of your mobile devices and want to access a document in NetDocuments that is not currently in one of your synchronized folders, you can browse through NetDocuments using FolderSync’s WebDAV browser.  You can then move or copy the document to your mobile device, or you can move it to a synchronized folder which means it shows up both on your device and in NetDocuments.

5. You can create a folder pair for your phone’s camera folder, so all the pictures you take are automatically uploaded to NetDocuments.

6. When you receive an email on your mobile device that has an attachment that you want to store in NetDocuments, just save the attachment to one of your synchronized folders and it automatically gets uploaded to NetDocuments.


There is a free version called FolderSync Lite and a paid version called FolderSync.  The free version is limited to a single folder pair while the paid version allows you to create as many folder pairs as you want.

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