NetDocuments for Blackberry


NetDocuments offers an additional mobile app to be used with Blackberry (formerly Good Technology).

Who is Blackberry and what is the Blackberry Dynamics platform?

Blackberry (formerly Good Technology) is a leader in multi-platform enterprise mobility, providing IT with the tools and technology to secure and manage mobile applications.

Blackberry Dynamics is Blackberry’s mobile application security platform, which enables enterprises to use secure, containerized iOS apps from third party vendors – the features and services end users want, with the added security and management functionality that IT needs.

NetDocuments has leveraged the Blackberry Dynamics platform to develop its NetDocuments for Blackberry solution.

NetDocuments for Blackberry is a cloud content management service with an iOS app designed to provide enterprise security and manageability via the Blackberry Dynamics platform. NetDocuments for Blackberry is for organizations that need end-to-end data protection and want the added value of maintaining control over the app and stored data on the mobile device. NetDocuments for Blackberry has the same functionality of the regular NetDocuments service accessible as a cloud application from any browser and as a iOS app available from the Apple App Store, but also allows users to take advantage of Blackberry Dynamics’ security features. 

How to download the app:

Anyone can download the NetDocuments for Blackberry app from the Apple App Store for no cost. The user will need to be an employee of a NetDocuments customer who has deployed the Blackberry Dynamics Server. 

Configuring the Blackberry Dynamics Service

An employee downloads the “NetDocuments for Blackberry” app from the Apple App Store. An administrator then provisions the user on the Blackberry Dynamics Server and sends an access key via email allowing the employee to enter the access key the first time accessing the app on the iPad or iPhone device, and then creates a secure password.

In addition, a NetDocuments Repository Administrator can limit access to its users to only use the NetDocuments for Blackberry app and not the standard NetDocuments app which is also available from the App Store.

The NetDocuments for Blackberry app should be configured as any other app supported by Blackberry.  NetDocuments simply complies to Blackberry’s guidelines and instructions. 

Blackberry's Resource Library provides extensive documentation for the platform:

The website linked above may be useful to anyone who is trying to setup, maintain, troubleshoot, or develop apps to utilize the Blackberry Dynamics Server platform, or just trying to understand what it is and how it works. 

Server installation:

Detailed server installation requirements and procedures, including firewall rules, etc.  

Overview for Admins & Developers:

For the technically-minded, the “Overview for Admins & Developers” doc does a decent job of clarifying the purpose and the basic structure of the platform.

Interface “help” documentation for Good Control console (the interface where Administrators manage GD policies and settings for their organization)  

NOTE: The links above require a login on the Good website.