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The Folder Import Utility can be used when you need to import a directory (folder) tree including its contents into NetDocuments, either to an existing cabinet or folder structure, or to a workspace.

Please refer to the information below to install and use the Folder Import Utility.  

The utility requires Windows 7 or 8+ and the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework software. If the .NET 2.0 Framework software is not installed on your computer, the NetDocuments Folder Import Utility installation program will not install. 

Download the Folder Import User Guide.

To download the Folder Import Tool use the links below: (US) (UK) (AU) 


Please be aware there are also other ways to import documents into NetDocuments:

  1. Upload – Use the Upload option located within NetDocuments to import smaller groups of documents at a time. Up to 150 documents can be imported at a time.
  2. AutoImport – Use this option for smaller sets of documents only. This option uses a Windows Folder and is enabled in Settings > Workstation Settings.
  3. Mass Import Tool – This is a separate tool that can be used to import large numbers of documents from a local drive or from a legacy DMS system. It is generally used by NetDocuments employees, certified partners, and/or a client's system administrator to convert and import files from a legacy DMS system.
  4. ndSync – This is a personal file synchronization service, that offers a two-way sync. But, it can be used to import new documents to a folder or workspace.

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