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NetDocuments provides a rich set of programming tools to link programs to the NetDocuments Service. Many potential integration points may use a combination of the tools provided below. For example, the REST API may be used in conjunction with the Send to Application functionality. Get Started with NetDocuments APIs.

For an overview of the various objects within NetDocuments, see our System Diagram.

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ndOffice Extensibility API (OneDesk)

Download ndOffice
Please note that you need to install the administrative version (all user version) of ndOffice.

ndOffice Extensibility Sample Code (.zip)
This sample code contains examples of all of the new API calls within ndOffice.

ndOffice Extensibility Documentation (.chm)
ndOffice has a COM API that can be used by Word add-ins to interact with ndOffice.

ndOffice File Open Sample Code (.zip)
Using this code, you can tell ndOffice to open a document via a COM API from outside of MS Office.

ndOffice dotm Add-in Sample Code (.dotm)
This code shows you how to use the ndOffice Word Add-in COM API from within Word.

ndOffice dotm Extensibility Sample Code (.dotm)
This code shows you how to use the ndOffice Extensibility COM API from within Word.

ndOffice COM Extensibility C++ Wrapper Library (.zip)
This code will help you use the ndOffice COM Extensibility in a C++ environment.


Download the REST API Guide (17.1)

NetDocuments OAuth Documentation - See a sample OAuth C# Solution (.zip)

REST Sample Code

ndREST.js (ndREST.js Documentation)

REST API Objects (OneNote)

The NetDocuments REST API provides a simple, robust programmatic interface to NetDocuments data and services. The API is accessed with HTTP calls and utilizes standard HTTP verbs (GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE) to indicate the actions that are to be performed. The URLs specify the data or objects that these actions are applied to. Data is sent to and from the API in simple, standardized formats such as JSON, XML, and URL-encoded form. Authentication for the REST API functions is handled using standard OAuth 2.0 protocols. The REST API is the preferred method for interfacing programmatically with NetDocuments.

Send to Application Integration

Download the "Send to Application" Integration Guide

The NetDocuments “Send to Application” integration provides a means through which external web applications can be made available to NetDocuments users through the NetDocuments user interface. The application is accessed through a URL that incorporates merges codes. The application may be registered through the NetDocuments Marketplace to make it available to all NetDocuments users, or one specific group. 

Interactive API

Download the Interactive API Guide

The NetDocuments Interactive API provides a simple method for external systems to initiate searches in NetDocuments while having NetDocuments manage the presentation of search results. 

Client API

Download the Client API Guide

NOTE: The Client API has been deprecated and NetDocuments will not be adding new features to it. All new development should be done with the ndOffice API and if you have a current Client API integration, we recommend re-writing it to use ndOffice API. See our End of Life announcement.

The NetDocuments Client API is implemented as a COM component. It can be accessed from any programming language that supports COM method calls. A dual interface is provided, so the API can be called using either early (compile time) binding or late (run time) binding.



For more information about NetDocuments searching capabilities, including search criteria and field identifiers, see our Searching Tips article. 

Contact NetDocuments Support to learn more about NetDocuments APIs. When submitting a request via e-mail or online, please include "API" in the subject line.

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    For those that also, did not get the memo about the 16.2 to 16.3 upgrade, or want a 'Version' section added to the "Download the REST API Guide" document ...
    I did a Compare in Word and got the following changes:
    Document | PUT | If-Unmodified-since header
    Document | GET, PUT | checkOutRequired | "none" value
    Document | POST | santitizeName | default to true
    Document | POST | ignoreIUG | default to false
    Document | PUT | new | checkouTrequired | default to false
    Document | Get | locations

    Folder | POST | santitizeName | default to true
    Folder | POST | item | supports comma separated list
    Folder | POST | inherit Acl | default to true

    Search | GET | servermod | raw=true -> enevelopeIds
    Search | GET | servermod | everything=false -> document types only
    Search | GET | extension eq ndfld – Only return records that are folders
    Search | GET | extension eq ndws – Only return records that are workspaces
    Search | GET | extension eq xyz – Only return records that are documents with a file extension

    SavedSearch | POST | santitizeName default=true

    Workspace | GET | info | getDesc=true, workspace description is included (defaults to false)

    User | POST | displayFirstName
    User | POST | displayLastName
    User | POST | displayMiddleName
    User | POST | action="disableFedID" in urlencoded body

    Group |GET | info | cabMembership=true (defaults to false) -> cabinets and cabinet's ACL this groups is a member of

    Repository | GET | $top default = 5000

    Attributes | POST | completionEmail = "fail"

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