Setting up Echoing for Terminal Server or Citrix


 This article deals with the Echo folder that is managed by the ActiveX and the NetDocuments web app. If you are also using ndOffice and wish to configure Citrix for the ndOffice Echo folder, see this article

1. You will need to use a network fileshare for ndecho. You do not want to use a local mapping since it will get erased after each session.
     a. Example: G:\<User’s My Documents mapping>\NDEcho\ to map the users Home Directory.

2. In your group policy you would set the following to turn on Echoing.


If you are not using Group Policy you will need to load the registry file with each login or set it in the default users’ registry.

3. If the server above is not available the Echo will take place at the following location

Sample of the registry file
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Caution – NetDocuments is designed to be accessed directly on the Internet via an Internet Explorer browser. Some customers have implemented access to NetDocuments using remote access tools such as Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Services. Our customers use these environments successfully, however, we highly recommend when using these tools, that you have sufficient knowledge of the tools either in-house or via consultants. Since our main customer base uses the standard access method of going directly through a web browser, we currently do not test with these remote service environments and do not maintain a high level of expertise for these tools in our support and testing groups.