Information about Akamai Internet Accelerator and IP addresses


NetDocuments utilizes an internet accelerator called Akamai to increase the performance of the website. Akamai uses rotating IP addresses which are not predictable by a proxy server attempting to add the NetDocuments Service to inclusion list. If a Firm deploys content filtering to block its internal users from accessing undesirable external sites, NetDocuments may also be inadvertently blocked. Even if the Firm adds specific Akamai IP addresses to inclusion list, this problem will intermittently manifest itself, as the IP addresses used by Akamai revolves without warning.

To solve this problem, you may resort to any of these three solutions:

(1) Use a local DNS to redirect traffic to a specific IP address. NetDocuments maintains and publishes this current list. This solution, however, would have performance impacts, particularly on international offices far away from the datacenter, as users forgo the Akamai performance benefits.

(2) The Firm would need to look inside the Internet traffic and do specific content inspections. This will allow ND traffic to continue via Akamai to the global datacenter and will allow other traffic to be appropriately blocked. This may not be a trivial change, as it requires careful analysis by the customer on the capacity of its appliances to ensure that they will handle the increased load caused by decryption/inspection. However, the usage of Akamai for all users has direct performance benefits, especially for international offices and for larger file downloads. Considering that document management is one of the most critical applications, this investment may be worth it. It should also be noted that this issue will only continue to grow as organizations continue to move resources to cloud services with changing IP addresses.

(3) Deploy Riverbed technology. The Riverbed Steelhead appliances give even higher performance compared to Akamai, without the rotating IP addresses.


For additional information on this subject, please contact NetDocuments Sales.