ndOffice Echo Folder


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If you are in need or directed by NetDocuments support staff to rename your Echo folder for maintenance or troubleshooting purposes, this article will show you how to do that in the proper order.

It is important to know that this may only be one step in resolving a larger problem. Check in/out issues may require you to revoke access in the Settings > Manage App Access menu, which should be done only by those with experience, or under the direction of the support team or system administrator.

Before beginning, make sure you save, check in all documents and emails and close all the native applications (Word, Outlook, etc.).

Exit the ndOffice agent

Before proceeding any further in renaming or removing your ndOffice Echo folder, go back to your system tray, just as you did in step one. Click the Settings icon and click Exit.


Clicking this will close the agent. Verify that by clicking on the system tray again. Be sure that the agent icon is no longer present. If it is, wait a few seconds, it should disappear. If not, repeat this step.