1.5.5 ndOffice Update - May 27th, 2015 - US and EU Datacenters



Users that have ndOffice version 1.4.8 installed, and auto update enabled, will see a new version of ndOffice available starting May 27. These users will be required to update their ActiveX in order to upgrade their version of ndOffice.


After running the update, if the non-current version of ActiveX is installed ( / 2.0.6) it will provide a message with a link that allows the user to download the newest ActiveX as shown below:




 Before clicking the link, the user should close any active documents, and make sure everything is checked in. Close the browser, then click the “HERE” link in the information notice and the software will download. It may ask you to close ndOffice if you haven’t done so already.


You can restart ndOffice following the installation, and you should have ndOffice version 1.5.5 and version (2.1.3) of the ActiveX.


If you already have the newest ActiveX OR ndOffice version 1.5+ you will simply be prompted to install ndOffice 1.5.5.


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