Error 0x35 - Check-in List

  • OS: Windows
  • Browser: Internet Explorer
  • Office: N/A
  • Product: ActiveX


Symptoms or Description of the Issue:

Users may see this error when checking out/in documents, or when the ActiveX Check-in List is running:

Error 0x35 encountered accessing the server copy of <DOC NAME>. Additional Information: could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80030002 (STG_E_FILENOTFOUND)) Synchronization cancelled.



The error can occur when a document in a user's Echo folder has been modified and the system tries to sync it with the copy in NetDocuments but the copy in NetDocuments no longer exists.


To prevent the system from trying to sync the document again, you will need to remove the document from the user's Echo folder.


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