Pinned Site Shortcuts vs Internet Shortcuts



With Internet Explorer, there are two types of web shortcuts you can create on your Windows Desktop: 

1. Internet Shortcuts (.url file extension)

2. Pinned Site Shortcuts (.website file extension) 

An Internet Shortcut can be created by right-clicking on the Windows Desktop and choosing New > Shortcut.  Then you can specify the web address and name. A Pinned Site can be created by opening the website in IE and dragging the website icon located to the left of the address bar onto the Windows Desktop (or onto the Windows taskbar).  

Each of these types of shortcuts will behave differently in the way that the website is opened.  The biggest difference that you will see is that when a Pinned Site Shortcut is used, the website is opened in it's own separate window from other IE sessions. Any other links or calls to Internet Explorer will open a separate window from the one that was opened with the Pinned Site Shortcut.  This can cause users some frustration because if they login to NetDocuments via a Pinned Site Shortcut and then they click on a link in an email or save a new document from Office, a new separate window will be opened and they will be required to login again in that browsing session.  For this reason, we would recommend that you use a standard Internet Shortcut or a browser favorite rather than a Pinned Site Shortcut to access your NetDocuments account.  There is more information regarding Pinned Site Shortcuts here:

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