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NetDocuments offers an extension for Chrome that allows users to file emails from Gmail into NetDocuments.

Watch a short tutorial video about the Gmail Integration


Installation and Setup

1. Install the extension. You can find the ndGmail Extension on the Chrome web store:

2. Click Add to Chrome.

ndGmail will be added as an extension to Chrome (you need to use Google's Chrome browser in order to use this integration).

3. Click Add extension to add it to your browser.

4. Connect the extension to your NetDocuments account. To do this, within Gmail, click the nd icon in the address bar:

5. Select Authenticate, then click on Authenticate with Google.

(For those using the EU or AU services, first select your respective service from the Connection host section.)

You will be asked to login to both NetDocuments and Google (if you have not already done so). This allows NetDocuments to have certain privileges to your Google account. A list of these permissions will be shown:

6. Click Allow.

These settings are stored in Google's security settings. You can revoke these permissions at any time by going to chrome://extensions/ and then disabling or removing ndGmail.  

7. The first time (and only the first time) you save an email you will be asked to allow ndGmail (the app or extension) to have access to your NetDocuments account.

8. Click Allow.

You can also revoke these permissions at any time by going to Settings > Manage App Access in your NetDocuments account.

Using the Gmail Extension

1. From your inbox, select one or more emails to save to NetDocuments. Or, open any email conversation to select an individual email. 

2. Click Save to nd

3. Select a location by navigating to a folder or workspace. Recent Locations shows the locations to which you’ve recently filed emails using the extension.

A notification will display as the emails are being imported. This allows you to keep working in Gmail as the emails are imported. 

NOTE: When selecting messages from different lists of emails, only those you are currently viewing will be imported. 

NOTE: The Gmail Extension will update automatically when an update is available. So, users don’t have to worry about upgrading or installing anything when there is an update. When they use the app, it's updated. 

For users trying to switch to a different Gmail account they need to disconnect ndGmail from both their NetDocuments account and their Google account and then reconnect it to the new account they are using.

In NetDocuments this is done in Settings > Manage App Access and in Google it is done by going to the user's account settings.

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