14.4 - Release Notes - October 2, 2014 - US and EU Datacenters



14.4 Release Notes

The next Update of the NetDocuments Service will be released on October 2, 2014, beginning at 11:59 PM Eastern time for the US datacenter. For the EU datacenter, the Update will commence on October 2, 2014 at 10:00 PM London time. The 14.4 beta period will begin September 12, 2014. See our Beta Announcement for more information.

The Update does NOT require a change to the ActiveX control.

Please check the information below on the newest versions of other client software with this Update.

A couple of key changes included in this Update are highlighted below.

Items listed in this Update Notice are subject to change prior to the actual Update. 

1. ndOneClick   - Beta - We are continuing this client software as a beta status until the 15.1 Update.  We encourage users to use it as a beta and provide us any feedback you have. This Windows client software (a MAC version will be available in early 2015) functions at the OS level and hence will support all of the 4 supported browsers. It provides a functionality similar to what the ActiveX does in the Internet Explorer browser as it relates to checking documents out and checking them in. If you use one of the browsers other than IE, we suggest that you install it to enhance your usage of NetDocuments.  After you install it, whenever you click a document name in NetDocuments, it will automatically open the document and after you finish editing the document, you can close it and check in your edits.  You no longer have to manually save a document locally,edit it, and then manually upload your changes when using a non-ActiveX IE browser. 

After you upload the document changes, you will need to click the green check-in button to complete the process. This function also includes the Print option in the same way it is available with the ActiveX control.

You can download the software by going to Settings > Application Settings as shown below.


We recommend if you are using IE as your browser, that you still use the ActiveX to provide that same document automation capability.  If you have the ActiveX installed, this option will not be visible on the Application Settings page.

See our Help for more information on ndOneClick.

2. Support Portal The Help pages and Knowledgebase articles have been consolidated into a single online location. Now, all Support resources and information can be found at https://support.netdocuments.com. When users access the "Help" links within the product they will now be taken directly to various articles on the Support site, rather than the Help site at help.netdocuments.com. We encourage users, Help Desk personnel, and administrators to become familiar with the many resources available there. These resources include an Announcements section, community forums, an Idea Bank, Help and Knowledgebase articles, Service Status alerts, and technical information such as API tools.  We will be adding additional information over the next several Updates.  We suggest that you always search here for an answer to your question prior to contacting the NetDocuments Technical Support team.

3. ndOffice version 1.3 The newest version of ndOffice now includes compatibility with Office 2013.  The release date for this new version has been pushed to later in October.  This new version should be used in place of any version of ndOffice previously provided because of critical bugs that have been corrected.

There are several other changes listed below, as well as several bug fixes being made available in this Update.

Please make sure you refresh your browser with Ctrl+F5 to clear any old cache after the Update. 

We thank you for all of your input and feedback and we appreciate your using the NetDocuments Service.

The NetDocuments Team


User Interface related changes

  • If the user selects a Workspace as a destination filing location for a Saved Search, anchor that saved search on the workspace page.
  • Help links and new Support portal

Highlighted changes

  • A Gmail extension is now provided to save Gmail emails into NetDocuments
  • Administrators can now generate a report to find out how many User Groups they have
  • Users can copy a document hyperlink by right-clicking the Doc ID from the Details Panel which can then be copied into other documents as a hot link. A single left-click will automatically copy the Doc ID as text. 


All client software can be installed at the same time as the Update or can be installed following the Update to ensure that the most recent version is installed. We highly recommend that you always install the latest version of the client-side software so that you have the most up-to-date and bug-free software.  For current versions of software that are not listed below, please see the related Help page.  

  • ndOffice -  ndOffice 1.3 supports Office 2010, SP2, 32-bit and Office 2013, 32-bit.  This will be available later in October. After it is released, you can download the software from Help or from your Settings. We recommend that you deploy ndOffice to a small group of users to make sure it functions properly in your environment prior to implementing it for all your users. 
  • Application Integrations – version 2.2.5 -  Various bug fixes were made including fixing an error when using Windows 7, Office 2013 and Workshare 7 when doing a save as. It also fixes an issue when doing a Save As in Office 2013, from a local document or an email attachment, it displays Save as a New Version which is an invalid option and you may not be able to retain the changes you made.  If you have experienced any issues with this add-on in the past, we recommend you install the newest version.
  • EMS Profiler – version 2.0.6 - Contains bug fixes including error when moving or deleting messages immediately after using EMS Profiler and better error message when filed message cannot be updated because it is gone. If you have experienced any issues with this add-on in the past, we recommend you install the newest version.
  • EMS Folders - version 3.4.4 - No changes.  If you have experienced any issues with this add-on in the past, we recommend you install the newest version.
  • IOS App Update for iPad and iPhone - Standard Version 1.5.10 - available now -  includes bug fixes. Check your iOS device for updates since that update schedule is independent of the main NetDocuments Service Update.
  • IOS App Update for iPad and iPhone - ND for Good Technology Version 1.5.4 - available now - includes bug fixes.  Check your iOS device for updates since that update schedule is independent of the main NetDocuments Service Update.
  • Local Document Server - version 3.6.14 - fixed a number of critical bugs.  We recommend that you update this software if you are using it.
  • Desktop Scanner Connector - version - this is used for scanning with TWAIN drivers.  No changes were made to this software.
  • Adobe Integrations – version 3.2 - Supports Acrobat and Reader versions 10 and 11. Various bug fixes and support for additional languages is now provided. Go to Settings > Application Settings to access the Marketplace link to download and install this add-on.
  • Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner integration - version 1.0 - available now for any ScanSnap with ScanSnap manager software.  This can be downloaded from the Help Download page.
  • Folder Import tool - version 3.9.0 - this tool has been updated to include OAUTH capability.  If you use this tool, we recommend that you use the new version.
  • Mass Import tool - version - Various bug fixes including allowing log files to be viewed while the process is running and a fix with the interactive login . If you use this tool, we recommend that you use the new version.

API Changes

    • REST - Create a repository while creating a user
    • REST - Create a user report
    • REST - Check authentication requirements via REST with Refresh token
    • REST - Change Favorite and Recent Workspace lists to be in global cache
    • REST - GET /v1/Document/acl - Get ACL for list of documents via REST
    • REST - Check out unlocked versions of a document
    • REST - Allow partial profiling
    • REST - Expire access tokens in 24-48 hour
    • REST - Provide access to email attributes such as From, To, etc.
    • Interactive API provides the ability now to display a document using the Viewer component




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