EMS Error: Not a member of this container


When using EMS Folders, you may see this message from time to time:


"An exception occurred during EMS archiving: Server was unable to process request. ---> NDAPI_INVALID_ARG: Not a member of this container"

This error means that one of the folders under ND - Send to NetDocuments in Outlook is pointing to an online folder or workspace (in NetDocuments) that you no longer have access to (or no longer exists). To fix this, you'll just have to refresh the ND - Send to NetDocuments folder in Outlook by clicking on the folder name or icon (NOT the arrow to collapse/expand it). 

You may also see a similar error when using EMS Profiler if you no longer have access to the cabinet you have selected under File>EMS Profiler.  You can resolve this by selecting a cabinet that you do still have access to.