EMS Error: Invalid Filing Location


Filing a Message into the wrong folder

When filing email messages into EMS Folders, do NOT file emails into the following folders:

ND – Send to NetDocuments folder
Repository folder
Cabinet folder
Top-level folder called Folders
Favorite Workspaces folder
Recent Workspaces folder
ND -Archived (View Only) folder and all its subfolders – never file anything to this folder tree.

These folders appear in your Outlook folder structure as shown below. Only file emails into folders with the > symbol in front of the name. All other folders under ND - Send to NetDocuments should NOT have emails filed into them. 


If you file an email into one of the other folders listed above, the email message will NOT be archived and you will get an error message similar to the one shown here: 

"Messages in this folder cannot be automatically transferred to NetDocuments and should be removed or refiled in a folder that corresponds to a valid online filing location."


In the error example above, an email was filed incorrectly to the Recent Matters folder.

If you accidentally file an email into one of these folders, to correct it, you should remove the email(s) from the invalid folder and file it into a valid folder.

You will continue to get the same error message each time the archive is run until that email has been removed from the invalid folder. 

Caution: Users will NOT see the error above if they accidentally file an email to the Archive View-Only tree.  

Renaming an EMS-generated folder

If you rename a folder that was created by the EMS program, you will not get an error message, however the next time the folders are refreshed by the EMS Agent, any folders that you have manually renamed in Outlook will be changed back to the name as it is in NetDocuments.

If you manually rename either of the top two EMS-generated folders, ND – Send to NetDocuments or ND -Archived (View Only), they keep the name you renamed them to.  

Creating folders in Outlook

If you create a folder in Outlook anywhere under the ND – Send to NetDocuments folder tree, it will be disregarded and removed the next time the archive process runs.  If you want a new folder in Outlook, you should create it in NetDocuments and then refresh the NetDocuments-generated folder list in Outlook.