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NetDocuments may have different terminology than your previous DMS causing some confusion when discussing functions and how to find features. This is a visual aid to help users better understand what functions are behind their actions in NetDocuments.

This is also a great reference guide when submitting a support case so you may better understand the questions technical support engineers are asking.  


  1. Navigation Pane: Allows you to navigate to other cabinets, workspaces, and folders. 

  2. Documents: Shows a list of either your Recent Documents, or your Favorited Documents.  Hovering over the menu item will provide the top 10 most recent items. 

  3. Matters: Shows a list of either your recently visited Matters, or your Favorited Matters. Recent Matters (Workspaces): A list of workspaces recently accessed by the user. Favorite Matters (Workspaces): A list of predetermined Favorite Matters. Each user must select their own Favorites.

  4. Quick Search: Any text phrase here will be searched across all aspects of the NetDocuments cabinet name displayed. Covering Document names, content, Folder names, Profile Attributes, Email senders and recipients, etc. Performing a search here on the Home Page does not narrow the search to a specific Folder, Workspace, or criteria. To narrow your search scope please use the Advanced Search.  To select a different cabinet use the arrow on the left of the box.

  5. Advanced Search Page: Brings user to the Advanced Search Page

  6. Add: Quickly add a new document to a workspace or folder.

  7. Workspace Selector: By typing in this box or clicking the elipses, users can search for Workspaces in the selected cabinet.

  8. Customize Home Page Layout: Change the layout of the sections on your Home Page. You can drag-and-drop documents to organize them at any time. 

  9. Favorite Workspaces: A brief list (up to 15) of Favorite workspaces.
  10. Favorite Items: A brief list of documents and folders added to your Home Page.

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