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NetDocuments may have different terminology than your previous DMS causing some confusion when discussing functions and how to find features. This is a visual aid to help users better understand what functions are behind their actions in NetDocuments.

This is also a great reference guide when submitting a support case so you may better understand the questions technical support engineers are asking.  


  1. Cabinet Selector: Indicates which Cabinet is selected for navigating Workspaces (12), Folders (13) or Documents/Emails (14, 15, 17, 20)

  2. This icon represents a Cabinet which has Workspaces enabled. Clicking this icon allows users to switch between the Workspaces and Cabinet Folders storage formats. Often times NetDocuments Support Engineers will ask if the Cabinet is using Workspaces or Folders and this is the primary indicator of which is being used. If you are in the Workspaces side of the Service you will see what is present in the image above. If you are in the Cabinet Folders side of the Service you will see a Folder structure in place of the Workspace Selector (9). 

  3. Simple Search box: Any text phrase here will be searched across all aspects of the NetDocuments Cabinet name displayed. Covering Document names, content, Folder names, Profile Attributes, Email senders and recipients, etc. Performing this does not narrow a search to a specific Folder, Workspace or criteria. To narrow your search scope please use the Advanced Search (6). You can perform a Wildcard search here using the " * " (shift 8) and it will still search all items in the Cabinet. To select a different cabinet use the arrow on the left of the box.

  4. Search Execute: Executes the text in the Simple Search Box (3). This action can also be done by pressing Enter on the keyboard.

  5. Email Search: Brings forward a box for performing email based searches only.

  6. Advanced Search Page: Brings user to the Advanced Search Page

  7. Recent Documents Lists: Provides a quick reference to recently Opened, Edited or Added documents. Clicking the arrow will provide the top 5 for each category and clicking the name 'Recent Docs' provides the last 40 for each category.

  8. My Email: Provides a list of Outlook messages stored in NetDocuments that I have sent or received

  9. Workspace Selector: By typing in this box or clicking the elipses, users can search for Workspaces in the Cabinet selected (1)

  10. Recent Matters (Workspaces): A list of workspaces recently accessed by the user.

  11. Favorite Matters (Workspaces): A list of predetermined Favorite Matters. Each user must select their own Favorites.

  12. Favorite Workspaces: A brief list (up to 15) of Favorite workspaces.

  13. Folder icon

  14. PDF document icon (will not be full-text searchable if it is not OCR'd)

  15. Word document icon

  16. Image document icon such as jpg

  17. Excel document icon

  18. Workspace Filter icon

  19. Saved Search icon

  20. Email message icon

  21. Website Link icon

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