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  1. Navigation Pane. Use to navigate to other cabinets, workspaces, and folders. 

  2. Documents. Displays a list of either your Recent Documents or your Favorited Documents. Hovering over the menu item provides the top ten most recent items. 

  3. Matters. Displays a list of either your recently visited Matters, or your Favorited Matters. Recent Matters (Workspaces): A list of workspaces recently accessed by the user. Favorite Matters (Workspaces): A list of predetermined Favorite Matters. Each user must select their own Favorites.

  4. Quick Search. Insert a text phrase here to search across all aspects of the NetDocuments cabinet. Covering Document names, content, Folder names, Profile Attributes, Email senders and recipients, and so forth. Performing a search here on the Home Page does not narrow the search to a specific Folder, Workspace, or criteria. To narrow your search scope please use the Advanced Search. To select a different cabinet use the arrow on the left of the box.

  5. Advanced Search Page.  Navigates you to the Advanced Search Page

  6. Add: Quickly adds a new document to a workspace or folder.

  7. Workspace Selector. Type in this box or click the ellipses to search for Workspaces in the selected cabinet.

  8. Customize Home Page Layout. Change the layout of the sections on your Home Page. Drag-and-drop documents to organize them at any time.

  9. Favorite Workspaces. Select to provide a brief list (up to 15) of Favorite Workspaces.
  10. Favorite Items. Select to provide a brief list of documents and folders that you have previously added to your Home Page.

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