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Why am I prompted to overwrite the file when I download documents with the same name?


Windows does not support having files of the same name in the same location.  For some users, when they download files from IE, the files are automatically renamed FileName(1).doc, FileName(2).doc, etc. without asking the user anything or ending the download. In other cases, users are prompted to overwrite the existing file if there is already one with the same name. 

It should behave the same regardless of the file extension; however, it may differ depending on local Windows settings, or the location to which you are downloading the files. There is no setting in NetDocuments that controls this.

In one case we have seen, it was due to the case-sensitivity of the local file system and the file names differed only by the case of different letters. 

This article is NOT about this message:


If I move a file between Windows folders, I get the above message. I will not see these options if I download a document from NetDocuments.

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