Why can't I upload my iWork 2013 files? (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote)



Many files created on Apple operating systems (Mac OS) are stored as package files.  A package file is basically a folder that has files within and the Mac interprets this as a single file. If you try to upload one of these files to NetDocuments on a Mac, you will either receive an error message or it will split apart the file and import all of the separate files (depending on what browser you are using.  Versions previous to iWork 2013 save a flat file that you can import into NetDocuments just like any other file.

If you receive one of these documents you can right click on the file and choose to zip it, at which point you can then upload it to NetDocuments. There are other options within some of these applications that allow you to export the document to another file type to flatten it out and make it available to import. (Windows will automatically zip these files so Windows users that try to archive these documents should not have a problem.)

iWork 2013 consists of the following:

  • Pages 5.1 (.pages)
  • Numbers 3.1 (.numbers)
  • Keynote 6.1 (.key)

We are currently waiting to see how Apple will handle this going forward so we may make changes to the way NetDocuments handles these files in a future release.

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