Modifying the NetDocuments WordPerfect Integration



Go to C:\Program Files\Corel\Word Perfect Office XX\Programs\NDWP.INI

*on a 64bit machine go to C:\Program Files x86\Corel\Word Perfect Office XX\Programs\NDWP.INI"

Find the NDWP.INI and then drag it out to your desktop.

Double-click the NDWP.INI file and it will open in WordPerfect.

Modifying the Doc ID Mode

You will have the following 4 options for the Doc ID location:

IDLOCATION=E - automatically inserts the ID at the physical end of the document (last page)
IDLOCATION=A - automatically inserts the ID at the end of Footer A
IDLOCATION=B - automatically inserts the ID at the end of Footer B
IDLOCATION=other value - no insertion is completed

The default is set to IDLOCATION=E

In place of E you can choose A, B, or X depending on your preference.

Modifying the Auto Checkin Mode

By default auto check-in is disabled. If you would like your Word perfect documents to auto check-in after you edit, save, and close the document then you should change the AUTOCHECKIN mode from "0" to "1"

AUTOCHECKIN=0 - auto check-in is disabled
AUTOCHECKIN=1 - auto check-in is enabled


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