Cryptography Control could not be installed


If you see this error: 

"The NetDocuments Cryptography Control could not be installed, so NetDocuments cryptography related functions are disabled." 

on either the login page or the Login Information page under Settings, then it means that the cryptography portion of our ActiveX add-on could not be installed. This will prevent Auto-Login from working. This may be caused by a number of things.

1) First, reset Auto-Login or Digitial Certificate-based login by following these steps:

2) Try installing the ActiveX manually. You can download and run it using this link: Reboot the computer after running this. 

3) ActiveX Filtering might be turned ON in the browser. Go to Tools and uncheck ActiveX Filtering. Restart Internet Explorer. 

4) One or more add-ins in Internet Explorer may be preventing our add-in from being enabled. Check for any unnecessary or unknown browser add-ons or malware that may be present. Go to Tools > Manage Add-ons or Control Panel > Programs and Features and uninstall any unfamiliar add-ons. Then, reboot the computer. 

5) In some cases, we've seen that upgrading or downgrading your version of IE will resolve the issue. 

In the worst case scenario (if none of the above steps have resolved it) the machine will need to be re-imaged as the registry may have become corrupted.