Re-sending the Welcome Email to New Users



If you have added a new user to your repository and either chose to not send them the Welcome Email or you sent it and they did not receive it, you can re-send it using the following steps: 

1. Click the Admin link at the top-right and click "Add and Remove Users and Groups."

2. On the Repository Membership page, scroll to the bottom and select a User Group that this user is a member of. Double-click the group name to open it.

3. On the Modify User Group dialog, click the "Send Welcome Message" link at the bottom. 

This will send a welcome message to all users in that group that have NOT logged in to their account yet. If there are users in the group that you do not want the welcome message sent to, you may need to create a new group and add just the users that you would like to send it to.

If the user has logged in at some point, you (or the user) would need to click the "Need login assistance?" link on the Login page and enter the email address or username in order to set up a password.

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