Compatibility View in Internet Explorer


NetDocuments does not support having Compatibility View enabled in IE9, IE10, or IE11. If you are reading this, you are likely logging into our mobile interface as a result of having the following issue:

To check what version of IE you have, go to Tools > About Internet Explorer. If you are using IE8 or older, you will need to upgrade to IE9+ in order to use NetDocuments. 

You can also verify what your browser thinks it is by going to:

In the text you see there will be a "MSIE7" or "MSIE8" and such. If it says MSIE7 then your browser thinks it is still an IE7 browser. If you are actually using IE9 or higher, then this likely means that you have Compatibility View enabled.

You can also click F12 and a window will pop up. There is an option there to change the browser mode. Make sure Compatibility View is not selected.


If you are in IE9 or newer, press Alt on your keyboard to see the Toolbar in IE. Go to Tools > Compatibility View settings.


The Settings menu will look like this:


Do NOT add '' to the list. If it is already in the list, remove it. Make sure the checkbox to "Display all websites in Compatibility View" is unchecked. Also, if you are using our Salesforce Integration, make sure '' is not in the list either. 

After you make any changes close and re-open the browser. If that does not change it, then your IT staff may need to adjust your profile. If you are experiencing any other related issues, see our Recommended Internet Explorer settings