Running the NetDocuments Check In List at Windows start up

  • OS: Windows
  • Browser: IE
  • Office: N/A
  • Product: ActiveX

It is recommended that any user running the Auto Import Folder places the NetDocuments Check-In List in the Windows Start Up folder.

Windows 7:

Below is the process to do this for all versions of Windows, except Windows 8 & 10.  

Go to Start and Click All Programs.

Locate NetDocuments Check In List 

Click and drag the NetDocuments Check In List down within the All Programs menu and hover over the Start Up folder.

When the Start Up folder expands drop the NetDocuments Check In List within the Start Up folder. 

Windows 8 & 10: 

Open Windows Explorer and Navigate to the following location.

64-bit Windows 8   C:\Program Files (x86)\NetDocuments

32-bit Windows 8   C:\Program Files\NetDocuments

Within the NetDocuments folder locate NeNote.exe, right click on it and copy it.

*If you do not see it in the locations mentioned above go to the start page and search for NetDocuments Check In List and pin it to your start page.

Navigate to the following location and paste a shortcut of NeNote.exe in the folder.  (*Do not move the NeNote.exe, you must paste a shortcut to it.)

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup  

From this point forward, the NetDocuments Check-In List should show up in your system tray when your machine is booted. This may not occur if you wake the machine from a Hibernate.